Bad smell coming from drains in the house?

You are not the only one suffering from a foul-smelling drain. It is a common problem. What causes it?

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Bad smell coming from drains in the house? Try This!

Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration provide drain cleaning services for your North Port home.


You could have bacteria, a blockage, or something more serious such as a sewer gas leak. Do some detective work to find the source of the smell coming from your drains.


These are the top reasons that your drain could cause you to plug your nose. Some problems can be fixed by yourself. Some require the assistance of a professional plumber.

bad smell coming from drain





It could be caused by bacteria or gunk buildup. Consider everything that goes down your drain. This includes hair and food. A smell can develop when these items are stuck in your pipes. Blockages can often be accompanied by a strong odor.


The smell and slow drains will be gone if you clear your pipes. Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration can help you ensure that your drains are properly cleaned. Since 2012, Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration have provided drain cleaning services to North Port residents as well as Sarasota and Southern Florida residents.




You might be able to flush the drain and fill the P-trap if it hasn't been in use recently. To prevent sewer gas from escaping the drain, drain lines are fitted with a goosenecked section pipe. The trap's water evaporates when the sink isn’t in use. The gas can then enter your home through the empty drain.


You can prevent P-traps from drying out by running a little water at each faucet once per month.




Your drain pipes may be connected to network vent pipes that bring fresh air into your home and allow wastewater gas and odors to escape. This is also known as the drain/waste-vent system (DWV). These vent pipes are usually found in the roof and run away from any windows or other vents.


Clogs in the main stack can lead to a variety of problems, including smelly drains. If vent pipes are not installed, a professional plumber can help.




You may smell something strange coming from your basement sump pumps. This could be because you are directing wastewater through your main sewer line to your sump pump. Sometimes homeowners may direct water from their washing machine to the sump pumps, where it can build up and cause a foul odor.


You can reduce the number of pipes that drain into the sump pump and thus reduce the smell. To prevent odors from entering your home, make sure the cap is properly fitted. It will prevent objects from collapsing inside and preventing them from falling.




Grease or fat can get stuck in the kitchen sink drain and cause rotten eggs or mold to form. You should never pour grease down the drain. Put 2 teaspoons of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water in the drain. The baking soda will dissolve the gunk and the water will wash it out.




A stink can be caused by food scraps that have been left in the kitchen garbage disposal. Moldy or rotten smells indicate that the garbage disposal needs to be cleaned. For about 30 seconds, run cold water over your disposal. Running ice cubes in the disposal can help to clear food. 


Also, adding lemon or lime slices to the disposal will produce a citrusy scent that will quickly mask any rot.




A drain trap is essential to stop sewer smells from entering your home. It's impossible to stop the sewer smell from getting into your home without it. The drain trap must be installed by a professional.




Sulfates and water issues can lead to a rotten egg smell. A rotten egg smell can be caused by bacteria that reduce sulfate levels in hot water heaters.


You should contact a professional plumber if you suspect that the smell is coming directly from the water.




Do not wait for your drains to become clogged or odorous before you do something. These are some tips to keep your drains clean and flowing freely.


  • Place 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup salt in the drain.
  • Next, open a large bottle of household vinegar and start to pour it.
  • The chemical reaction should produce foam and bubbles.
  • Allow everything to rest for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Rinse everything with water that is just below boiling point.
  • Let the cold water run for a while and then rinse it all off.


It is great if water flows freely down the drain. If water is not flowing down the drain, you can try again before calling a professional plumber. This should be done every few weeks to prevent blockages and smells. You can also keep hair from the drain, and avoid chemical drain cleaners that could damage your plumbing system.


You can keep your garbage disposal fresh and clean by regularly putting ice and lemon/lime slivers in it. Find out more about drain cleaning and garbage disposal tips.




Bad-smelling drains could indicate a problem in the main sewer line.


If you notice multiple drains smelling of sewer odors or if the above methods fail to stop the smell, the problem is likely to cause damage to the sewer line. The sewer line is responsible for removing wastewater from your home and transporting it to the city sewer system or septic tank. 


The sewer line can become blocked, or damaged by corrosion, tree roots, ground shifting, or construction, and sewage will back up into your pipes eventually leading to backups into your drains.


You must act immediately or the sewage could seep into your basement and cause serious damage to your foundation. A professional plumber is required to repair or replace sewer lines.


Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration experts will use cameras to find the problem and make repairs. We can often use trenchless drain repair technology in many cases to fix main sewer lines without needing to dig up your home.


North Port Drain Cleaning Service


To find the root cause of drain smells, professional plumbers might use pipe camera equipment, industrial water jetters, snake-augers, or industrial water jetters. A professional plumber will remove the blockage at the source to give you a clean drain.


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