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Water softener installation and repair require professional services to effectively get rid of water hardness in your home or business. Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration have been in the water treatment industry for over 20 years. From water softening services in North Port to plumbing in Sarasota County, we offer a wide range of solutions to correct any water issue.

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Water Softeners

Water softeners have many benefits. They can extend the life of your appliances and protect your family's hair and skin from becoming dry and itchy. Water softeners are also able to prevent mineral buildup in your pipes and water fixtures.

Water Softeners

Softer Water Options

Do you live in a place that has hard water and it drives you nuts? There are things you can do to remedy this, especially considering it can be harder to keep your pipes and your fixtures clean. One thing you can think about is Water Softener Installation in North Port, FL.

Our plumbers at Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration can place a system like this in your home, which might keep your water soft and offer you a pleasant experience when you have to use your tub or sink. We can talk to you about other water-softening options as well, such as reverse osmosis systems. Reach out at (941) 875-2309 to hear specifics or to get a quote about services like this.

Do I Need One?

If you are a homeowner, you may wonder if you need a water softener at your home. The answer is that it is up to you. When you have water that is hard on your skin or you don’t like the way it tastes or smells, you may need to look into your options concerning water softeners. When you have one installed at your house, it may be able to help your fixtures work better, where you will encounter fewer problems with your toilet, sinks, or even your water heater. While having one doesn’t guarantee that these things will work perfectly, it could offer them a longer life, if all of your appliances and fixtures are cared for properly. This is also something we can help you keep up with if you are interested.

Let’s Talk About it

When you are concerned about your water and feel that your family could benefit from it being softer, we are the service to call. Our team is ready to lend a hand with Water Softener Installation in North Port, FL, so you don’t have to be afraid to use your water anymore. Contact us at (941) 875-2309 when you want us to come and check out your water and see what can be done about it. You may be surprised at the difference, once you have a softener installed. It might also save you money over time.

A Full-Service Plumber

Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration is a fully licensed and Insured company with 20 years of experience in water softener installation.

Is a water softener worth it?

Your decision to soften your water is an individual one that will have an impact on your home and environment. A water softener may be required if your water hardness exceeds 7 grains per gallon (120 mg/L) to maintain the performance of your appliances and improve the taste, smell, or appearance of your water.

Signs you need a water softener:

Clogged plumbing from limescale formation in pipes

Stained or discolored sinks, toilets, or bathtubs.

Dry, itchy skin and hair.

Mineral deposit and buildup on dishes and appliances.

Water Softening Companies in North Port, FL

Sunrise Plumbing and Water Filtration offer the best water softener installation and repair services in North Port, FL. We also extend our water softener installation in Sarasota, Lee, Charlotte, and Manatee County to serve clients in neighboring areas. Our plumbing experts have the tools on hand to perform same-day service and are available 24 hrs every day for plumbing emergencies. 

Water softener for a tankless water heater

Water softener for your home

Water softener for well water

Tankless water softener

You can be sure that your property will have clean water within minutes with our prompt water softener installation service.

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Frequently asked questions

Clogged drain cleaning is a very common job. It's crucial to find the right plumber. Do not hire a plumber who is cheap and will end up causing damage to your pipes and costing you more. You should look for a plumber/plumbing company that is:

  • Has proof of insurance and is fully licensed.
  • Many quality references and reviews are online.
  • A company that has been in operation for many years. Your home shouldn't be where a plumber starts their business.
  • A plumber that provides a detailed, comprehensive estimate that includes labor costs, material costs, and miscellaneous costs (permits or inspections).
  • They offer a guarantee or warranty on their work.

The average water softener size is 80 gallons. This is the average. Multiply this number by the grains of hardness in your water to determine how many grains must be removed daily.

Water softeners remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from hard water. This can damage appliances and cause dry skin.

Water softeners are priced from $800 to $2,500 for whole-house systems in most cases. This is based on size, type, brand, and installation cost. Installing high-end brands such as Culligan water-softener systems can cost up $5,000. Water softeners are $10-20 per month to use and to refill salt.
Some softeners might use from 20 to 25 gallons of water for regeneration. This may seem like a lot, but it saves water.

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