Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement

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Cast Iron Drain Pipe Replacement – Step by Step Instructions

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Replacing an old, corroded cast iron drain pipe in the wall can seem like a daunting task. But with some patience and the right prep work, you can replace the pipe with minimal disruption. 


This guide will explore the steps you’ll need to take to successfully replace your cast iron drain pipe in a wall.


Prepare the area for replacement.


Before getting started, you'll need to protect the workspace. Start by positioning a plastic drop cloth along the base of the wall, to catch debris that may shake loose during the pipe replacement process. 


Next, turn off the water supply and disconnect both ends of the pipe that you plan to replace. 


Now your workspace is prepared for starters and ready for the next steps!


Cut out the old pipe and fit the new one in.


With the plastic drop cloth in place and the water supply turned off, you’re ready to begin replacing your cast iron drain pipe. 


Start by using a sturdy hacksaw blade or reciprocating saw to cut into the old pipe in order to remove it. As you work, you must be extra cautious not to damage any wiring that may be near the pipe. 


Once the old pipe has been safely removed, fit the new one back into its place and secure it with fittings as needed.


Make sure all connections are secure and watertight.


After firmly connecting the new pipe, the next step is to ensure that all connections are secure and watertight. This can be done by using plumbing supplies such as soldering compounds or fiberglass pipe putty. 


The soldering compound should fill any gaps between the mounting hardware and the pipe, whilst the fiberglass putty should be spread around the outside of each connection to make sure it’s watertight. 


Finally, replace any shut-off valves and check all connections again before turning on the water supply.


Seal, caulk, and insulate around the edges of the new drain pipe to keep moisture out and prevent mold growth.


After the water supply has been turned back on, you'll want to make sure that all the edges of your newly installed cast iron drain pipe are sealed, caulked, and insulated. This will help prevent moisture from seeping through and forming mold or mildew, which can cause costly damage to your home. 


To do this, use a high-quality sealant or caulk along the edges of each drain pipe where it exits your wall. 


Then cover any exposed areas with a layer of insulation tape and finally add a piece of plastic sheeting over top to further protect against moisture infiltration.


Test the water pressure to make sure everything is working correctly.


Before your project is complete, you need to make sure that the new cast iron pipe is able to handle the pressure of the water. 


To do this, simply turn on the water and check for any leaks or other issues that might suggest a lack of pressure. 


If all appears to be in order, you can rest assured knowing your job is done correctly.


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