Why does my toilet keep running?

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Why does my toilet keep running after I flush?

If the toilet is constantly running, it can waste gallons of water. This could lead to a higher water bill. It is easy to fix a running toilet. Three common causes include a dirty or broken flapper, too much or too little chain between the flush lever & the flapper, or an out-of-place float.

First, turn off the water supply to the toilet. Turn the knob at the back of your toilet to the right. Next, remove the tank lid to begin identifying all components and their relationship.

  • The pump is what refills the tank after a flush.
  • The float raises and lowers the water level to tell the pump when to stop.
  • The overflow tube sets where the water level should be in the tank.
  • The toilet flush lever (on the outside) is connected to the rubber flapper (inside).
  • The rubber flapper stops the tank water from going into the bowl.

Cause 1 - Broken Lift Chain

Make sure that the chain connects correctly to the flush lever, rubber flapper, and rubber flapper. Sometimes, the chain may become loose. Next, move the flush lever to check if the chain is loose or tight. It should not be too short as water can leak into the bowl if the flapper isn’t sealed. It should not be too long as the lever won’t allow the flapper to open if the chain is too long. You can trim the excess chain if necessary. You may also find a float on the chain. Adjust the float so it rests on the water’s surface.

Cause 2 - Broken or Dirty Flapper

The flapper can become worn or damaged over time and may stop sealing the drain correctly. To clean it or replace it, drain it completely and then disconnect the chain. There will be a range of options available at the store. Match the brand or look for a universal label that matches yours. Once you have attached the flapper again, make sure to test it with water so that it seals properly.

Cause 3 - Float Out of Position

An adjustable float controls the water level in the tank. A low float can cause a weak flush. It should not be set too high as water can spill into the tube and continue to run. You can find a fill mark at the back of the tank. Mark it on the overflow tube to make it easily visible. Measure approximately 1 inch below the overflow tube to find a mark.

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Next, turn on the water and flush the toilet. This will allow you to compare the water level to the mark. If the water level is higher than the mark, the float for your pump may be too high. Adjust the float to adjust according. You may have to bend the brass rod connecting to an older toilet. Modern toilets require that you turn a screw or slide an attachment along a rod. Sometimes the fill valve, which connects to the float, won’t shut off at all and could be defective. You will need to purchase a replacement valve in this instance.

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