My Kitchen Faucet Won't Turn Off

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How to Fix a Faucet That Won't Turn Off

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The handle of your kitchen faucet won't turn on and the water continues to flow. This is what are you seeing?


The following are the reasons your faucet won't shut off:


  1. The handle of your faucet is damaged and must be replaced
  2. The stem of your handle needs to be replaced
  3. You need to replace the handle's seat


These problems can be fixed easily, but they will require some mechanical skills and the right tools. 


These 3 problems will be discussed in detail and we'll show you how to fix them. First, stop the water from leaking out of your faucet.


Follow these steps to turn off your water:


  • Look under your faucet and open the cabinet that houses your sink.
  • Two valves should be visible on the wall. One says "C" for cold, and the other "H" is for hot. These should be turned to the OFF position so that the water stops running.


Let's now look at the reasons your kitchen faucet isn't turning on and what you can do to fix it.


Why Your Kitchen Faucet Won't Turn Off


Problem #1: The handle of your faucet is missing


Does your handle spin when you turn it?


This is a sign your faucet handle has been stripped. The handles are connected to stems by small threads. This allows you to turn the handle. These threads can corrode over time and become brittle, making it impossible to control the water supply.




In most cases, you will need to replace the handle. It is best to replace both handles at the same time so that you don't have any problems with one of them. Sometimes, you might need to replace the stem.


Many handles can be difficult to take out of your faucet because they need a special wrench, or they have corroded into it. You should call a plumber to take the handle off and check for stripped threads.


Problem #2: The stem of your handle needs to be replaced


The washer is used to distribute the pressure from the screw on your faucet's stem so that it doesn't become loose over time. If the washer isn't lubricated properly, it can crack or break, and you won't be able to turn off the water supply.




Call a plumber to take out your handle. Also, inspect the stem to ensure it is lubricated properly and has a working washer.


Problem #3: You need to replace your handle's seat


The handle of a faucet is made up of a tiny part called a chair which helps the handle turn. Your handle's stems will wear down over time due to regular use. Just think how many times you turn on your faucet every day!




To replace or sand smooth the handle's seat, you will need to call a plumber.


Do I need to replace or repair my faucet?


This question is frequently asked by Florida homeowners.


We recommend that you repair your faucet if it is less than 7-10 years old.


It's cheaper to replace your faucet if it is older (10+ years old) or if you have multiple problems. It can be difficult for older faucet parts to be found, so this is another thing to consider.

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